Dawn of a New Day

by Reese

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"Dawn of a New Day"
July 2013


i can’t help but think what we would've became/
if you played the game how it should've been played/
but you couldn't behave/
now mutual friends tend to look at me strange/
need to put it away/
a life that’s in shambles just shouldn't be saved/
without an umbrella, we stood in the rain/
and set expectations we couldn't attain/
what a pitiful shame/
lost in a love that just isn't the same/
as it used to be, you and me drifted away/
but the beauty is rooted in distance and space/
a leech on my soul/
sucking me dry as I'm reaching my goals/
try to climb to the top while you’re greasing the pole/
and i constantly dream you’re releasing your hold/
my patience is thin, i’ve been waiting for it to just fade to oblivion/
but the taste of your lips and the sway in your hips had me hazy and ignorant/
the craving is crippling, painted it vividly, caving is imminent/
set in my ways and the weather is breaking/
it’s raining and changing this wake to a christening/
i hope when you’re grow up with kids of your own, you’ll be raising them differently/
like stressing their manners and setting their standards and saving their dignity/
you’re crazy and cynical, jaded and miserable, tearing me down/
relinquish control as you sink in a hole, i’m a king on my own, now i’m wearing my crown/
a crown of thorns/
beaten and battered and torn/
you had a halo while backing away/
so i know that you’re bound to come back with the horns/
the passion is gone/
tired of singing the saddest song/
for me to rise, you have to fall/
and that’s the answer after all/

started as sinners/
who died in the daytime/
but inside my pocket/
is a vile of sunshine/
i saved it for rainy days/
the kind much like this one/
as a constant reminder/
of the rise of the sun/
but somewhere along the way/
i saw the curtains close/
draped in the darkness/
and dropped into vertigo/
among the holy of holies/
give praise to the most high/
i’m spending my evening/
with the demon that won’t die…


released July 3, 2013
Written and performed by J. Calvarese
Background vocals by T. Thompson
Produced by RELTΔ
Mixed & Mastered by A. Coupe



all rights reserved